The ubiquity of digital technology has ushered in an era of profound surveillance. We are all routinely tracked, analyzed, and targeted without our knowledge or consent by companies, large and small, that profit from the new data economy.

This website is dedicated to discussion of current events and academic research surrounding digital privacy.

About the Author

Christo Wilson is an Associate Professor in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. He is a founding member of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute at Northeastern, and serves as director of the BS in Cybersecurity program.

Academic Research

Christo’s academic research broadly focuses on online security and privacy, with two specific areas that are relevant to this website:

Funding Disclosure

Christo’s research is supported by the National Science Foundation, a Sloan Fellowship, the Mozilla Foundation, the Knight Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation, the Democracy Fund, the Data Transparency Lab, the European Commission, Google, and Verisign Labs. All views expressed on this website are those of the respective authors, and do not reflect the views of any funders or Northeastern University.

About the Name

Hat tip to Aria Bracci from News at Northeastern for coining the phrase “internet of thieves” for an episode of the Litmus podcast.